Volkswagen Arteon 2017

Volkswagen Arteon 2017 Specs and Details

The Volkswagen Arteon is a saloon with five doors and five seats. It measures 4.86 meters in length, 1.87 m in width and 1.45 m in height. One  Passat  is 9.5 centimeters shorter, 3.9 centimeters narrower and 0.6 centimeters taller. A  Volkswagen CC  measures 6.0 cm less in length, is 1.6 cm narrower and 3.3 cm lower .

The interior of the Arteon is practically identical to that of the Passat. The most notable difference is in the loss of headroom between the seats and the roof (legroom and width between doors do not change; interior measurements ). In the back row this loss of height is 4 centimeters, which makes that a person of 1.80 meters of height can not stretch like in a Passat. The luggage compartment volume is 563 liters, while the Passat\’s is 586 liters.

The most affordable version at the moment has a 150 hp 2.0 TDI diesel engine and DSG automatic transmission. It costs 41 790 euros, a price that is halfway between that of a Passat and a BMW 4 Series Grand Coupé . Of them, the Arteon is the one that has the most abundant series equipment . With the 2.0 TSI petrol engine of 280 hp costs 51 170 euros, almost the same as an A5 Sportback of 252 hp and much more than an Opel Insignia Grand Sport of 260 hp.

Volkswagen Arteon 2017

During the few kilometers that I have driven the Arteon I did not have the impression to take a car other than a Passat. It is a vehicle with very good sound insulation (the units that it had had laminated crystals) and with a comfortable suspension. There are three suspension systems, one conventional with fixed hardness dampers and two with variable hardness dampers. These last two are called DCC “basic” (the one I tested) and Chassis R DCC. The Chassis R DCC lowers the body height 5 millimeters from the ground and has a slightly firmer setting.

As a novelty in Volkswagen, the Artecon\’s DCC suspension allows for varying the hardness of the shock absorbers, in addition to the Comfort, Normal and Sport driving profiles, with a sliding bar (via the multimedia system) that extends the selection range to 15 Different positions, from Comfort to Sport . The difference between the extremes is very evident. In the most comfortable mode this suspension softens very well the asphalt undulations and bumps that do not produce a very rapid movement of the wheels. Those bumps that do move the wheels very quickly can feel a bit rough from the inside. In this respect it is impossible for me to determine how much the tires of the tested units influence, which in both cases were Pirelli PZero in measure 245/35 R20.

In addition to the diesel engine of 150 hp and the gasoline of 280 mentioned above, the Arteon is also available with a 2.0 TDI diesel engine 240 hp (from 51 170 euros). Throughout the year, Volkswagen will add to the range another Diesel plus -2.0 TDI of 190 hp – and another two of petrol -1.5 TSI Evo of 150 hp and 2.0 TSI of 190 hp. All engines have four cylinders and are placed in a transverse position, since Volkswagen has used the MQB platform, which is that of motors oriented perpendicular to the direction of travel. The possible combinations of manual and automatic gearboxes and front and total drive are shown in the table below this paragraph.



1.5 TSI Evo150Manual 6 speed / Automatic 7 speed (DSG)Lead
2.0 TSI190Automatic 7 speed (DSG)Lead
2.0 TSI280Automatic 7 speed (DSG)Total (4Motion)


2.0 TDI150Manual 6 speed / Automatic 7 speed (DSG)Lead
2.0 TDI190Manual 6 speed / Automatic 7 speed (DSG)Front / Total (4Motion)
2.0 BiTDI240Automatic 7 speed (DSG)Total (4Motion)

I have tested the Arteon 2.0 TDI of 240 hp (Diesel) and the 2.0 TSI of 280 hp (petrol). The vibrations produced by the diesel engine arrive very attenuated to the interior, just sit in the steering wheel with the car stopped at idle. And so does the noise, which is very low. With the gasoline engine the vibrations are even lower and the noise, although it may not be very different in quantity, does seem more beautiful, more melodic. In my opinion, in this case the greatest refinement of the gasoline engine is not large enough to automatically rule out the acquisition of diesel. Both engines give a great acceleration.

There are three levels of equipment: Standard, Elegance and R-Line. The Elegance level has decorative elements that give the interior and exterior a “luxurious” touch, while the R-Line is “sporty”, and includes, among other elements, specific bumpers.

All Volkswagen Arteon have standard headlights and led lights (with sequential indicator light for Elegance and R-Line), 18-inch wheels (they are 19 in Elegance and R-Line and can be up to Of 20 in option), keyless entry and start, front seats with some electrical regulations (Volkswagen calls them semi-electric) and Driver Alert System. Optionally you can have digital instrumentation (standard on Elegance and R-Line), a head-up display system and a 9.2-inch information and entertainment system called Discover Pro.

Volkswagen Arteon 2017

Between the systems of assistance to the conduction that the Arteon has system of recognition of traffic signals and the  programmer of active speed , that in addition to maintaining the speed and a determined distance with respect to the previous vehicle, is able to maintain the Arteon without surpassing The speed limit allowed on the road (this information is collected by cameras and navigation system mapping).

LED headlights have a curved lighting function which, thanks to the information provided by the navigation system, connects in advance the corresponding lighting. The Arteon also has what Volkswagen calls Emergency Assist which, if it detects that the driver does not intervene in the steering wheel for a certain time, automatically slows down, gives several warnings so that the driver can take control and can stop the vehicle in The rightmost lane (if traffic permits).

Volkswagen presented at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2015 a prototype similar to Arteon, called  C Coupe GTE .

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