Mercedes G, The heaviest car of the Show at IAA 2015

Mercedes G, The heaviest car of the Show at IAA 2015

Hidden in a corner of 66 th Frankfurt Motor Show, was exposing a very special vehicle. A vehicle but discreetly presented that stands out by its special features, its impressive weight. The Mercedes G reviewed by Trasco is undoubtedly the heaviest car from the ones that were presented in the various halls of this event in the world of the automobile.

Mercedes G, The heaviest car of the Show at IAA 2015

The Mercedes G Trasco with its 4900 kg, assumes undoubtedly the palm heaviest of all. With 2.5 tons a Mercedes G series already impresses much. It really should not he rolls on the liner at risk then walk with fins! But passed into the hands of the German preparers Tresco-Bremen, specialist armored vehicle, 4×4 suddenly takes a beautiful overweight. This specialist in the preparation of protection do not go with the back of a spoon or with anything else for that matter. The G-Class can not believe it. Its technicians are first subjected to a chassis transplant, and lengthen his body, just to make him earn some 40 cm. Then they reinforce from everywhere: roll cage at the A-pillars, B and C, axles, brakes and wheels, armored plate beneath the chassis, special batteries, armored tanks, etc. He then related the glazing can withstand all kinds of weapons of war.And finally there affix various armored body parts under the history of laughter bursts of Kalashnikovs.

Inside it is to everyone’s taste. But often more in the sense of extravagance. Generally the upholstery is entirely revisited, reviewed the equipment level upward (electronic, communication, multimedia, LCD, etc.) and comfort (heated seats, ventilated, perhaps even refrigerated), not to mention or integrated bars, really it’s to everyone’s taste. Of added elements that obviously even increase the lead to weighing. So to take all that you have to put the means. A finally found easily by drawing on the bank of Mercedes organs solution. It is a G63 block thus gets stuck with its 571 hp and AMG Speedshift transmission 7G-Tronic More. With this formidable engine the Mercedes G Trasco proves powerful enough to end. At the wheel you could down the 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.4 seconds and shoot a cannonball on German motorway with its top speed of 210 m / h.Obviously at that time it should not saddle a changing lanes in front of you …!

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