Leak: This is the New Cupra Ibiza!

Leak: This is the New Seat Cupra Ibiza!

Cupra Ibiza without Seat logo: On Instagram pictures of a sporty Seat Ibiza were leaked. The Polo GTI brother could have over 200 hp. First information!

The Ibiza Cupra is back, as the Cupra Ibiza, and the first images of the hot hatch leaked on social media.

Leak: This is the New Cupra Ibiza!

The images, which come from the Instagram page of Cupra Sport fans, show the hot hatchback sporting the brand’s logo, in a bronze color previewed on the Leon Cupra R – Cupra’s latest Cupra.

Large alloy wheels and an aggressive body kit, with aerodynamic carbon additions, aesthetically distinguish the car from the Ibiza standard, while the carbon theme continues on the inside, with a faux carbon airbag cover and much of the finished dashboard match.

Leak: This is the New Cupra Ibiza!

An automatic shifter confirms that the car will have a DSG gearbox, probably with a manual gearbox also available. No engine details are known, but the hot Ibiza is expected to get the same 197 lb-ft, 236 lb-ft 2.0-liter turbocharged engine as the Polo GTI. The previous Ibiza Cupras were in turn exclusively DSG and equipped manually.

The previous hot Ibizas were tougher than the Polo GTI equivalents, with a stiffer suspension but the same power and torque as their Volkswagen counterparts.

Leak: This is the New Cupra Ibiza!

The Cupra brand is already known for producing a hot SUV based on the Seat Ateca, which is expected to make its first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The timing of this particular leak suggests that the Ibiza may appear next door, or soon after.

Leak: This is the New Cupra Ibiza!

Seat confirmed Cupra’s new position as a stand-alone sub-brand in January, revealing an aggressive-looking logo that plans to produce several models under the Cupra name, rather than wearing the Seat brand.

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