BMW M8, M8 GTE Road Test With Camouflaged Prototypes

BMW M8, M8 GTE Road Test With Camouflaged Prototypes

The development of the high performance variant occurs “in parallel” with the standard 8 series.

BMW has simply removed the covers of the 8 Series concept, but M GmbH has already stupidly with the prospect of an M8 variant. For now, the photos of this camouflaged car are just about all we need to do, because BMW is shabby by strong facts.

BMW M8, M8 GTE Already killed with camouflaged prototypes

The cars seen here obviously adhere to the superb overall design of the 8 Series concept, although with all the trimmings, we expected quick models of M. Note the enlarged air intakes in the fascia, raised wheels with Low-profile rubbers, brake callipers painted blue and quad scoops at the rear.

“The future BMW M8 will build on the 8 Series genes and increase its DNA with added track capability and additional generous portions of sharpness, precision and dynamic agility,” said Frank van Meel, President of The BMW M division, in a statement. “All this translates into a driving experience that carries the familiar characteristics of BMW M and meets the most demanding requirements of our customers.”

BMW M8, M8 GTE Road Test With Camouflaged Prototypes

He also said that the regular series 8 is being developed “in parallel” with the M8. The company also said it was developing a M8 GTE for the Le Mans competition.

“Developing a new race car is always exciting, and in the case of the BMW M8 GTE, the anticipation is even greater. We can not yet reveal photos but I can promise that the BMW M8 GTE will be spectacular “Said Jens Marquardt, director of BMW Motorsports.

The BMW M8 GTE will debut in the 24 hours of Daytona in January 2018.


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