Audi Elaine Concept at 2017 Frankfurt show

Audi Elaine Concept at 2017 Frankfurt show

The interesting thing about this prototype with a five-door body (although its silhouette may seem like a coupe) is that it is prepared for level 4 of autonomous driving, that is, it can be guided without intervention of the driver in some specific areas.  Audi Elaine

It has an electric propulsion system of 435 hp and a range of 500 kilometers. It is an evolution of the Audi e-tron Sportback Concept which was presented at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2017. It measures 4.9 meters in length, 1.98 m in width and 1.53 in height, so it has a proportions similar to those of an Audi A7 Sportback .

The front and rear lighting system is LED-type and can reproduce messages that are oriented to other road users (for example, indicate whether the car is running autonomously) or to the occupants of the vehicle (for example, messages of greeting or farewell).

Audi Elaine Concept at 2017 Frankfurt show

Audi says the electric propulsion system of this prototype will be used by its models of the future. There is one engine in the front axle and two in the rear. It can accelerate from standing to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds. The battery has a capacity of 95 kWh, which gives for an autonomy of 500 km according to the homologation cycle NEDC. It can be recharged in two ways: the fastest is by cable with a 150 kW power outlet or with an induction system (Audi Wireless Charging).

The autonomous driving is more evolved than in the Audi A8 . The Audi Elaine, on the highway, can automatically change lanes to advance and return at the end of the maneuver. The driver can intervene at any time and take the controls. In some specific places (AI Zone) you can automatically drive (and without the need for the driver to be inside the vehicle) to areas where there are services such as parking spaces, car washes or recharging jacks. The driver can request the vehicle to be available in a designated area at a certain time, in order to continue its movement.

Audi Elaine Concept at 2017 Frankfurt show

It also features artificial intelligence technology, which assists the driver and frees him from normal tasks. For example, you can control the air conditioning, the music selection, the navigator, suggest a parking space or a safety distance from the previous vehicle. The driver can delete or modify such data if, for example, there is a change in the routine; This personalized information can also be transferred to other cars. Using a device placed on the driver\’s wrist, the system takes body data, such as temperature or heart rate. All of this can be used to determine if the user is stressed. To eliminate or reduce it, Audi Fit Driver (this is called this technology),

It has real-time communication between the vehicle and the infrastructures. As a result, the car can detect hazards or anticipate circumstances when they are still beyond the reach of the driver\’s vision.

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