2015 Honda CR-V Facelift Price

2015 Honda CR-V Facelift Price ~ Long awaited, finally  finally the Honda CR-V Facelift 2015 officially appeared in a number of pictures released by official by Honda not long ago. His character was impressed but not eliminate the stylish aura of masculine apparently cannot be the only weapon of new generation CR-V is.

Rather, it was the higher power until it reaches the torque 245 Nm with a 185hp by the new capabilities of the i-VTEC engine is 2.4 liters.

For a while, just those in America who would enjoy a great ride with Honda CR-V Facelift starting this October 2015. Reserved price, In his website Motorauthority said the price of this SUV starts at US $ 24.150 or around Rp 295 millions (Indonesian Currency).

The birth of this new CR-V will be the challenge for the residents of a global SUV segment later. 10 variants later plaques are provided as the best option to its loyal customers.

2015 Honda CR-V Facelift Price Photos

2015 Honda CR-V Facelift Price | likeautomotive.com

2015 Honda CR-V Facelift | likeautomotive.com2015 Honda CR-V Facelift | likeautomotive.com

2015 Honda CR-V Facelift | likeautomotive.com

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